A Transforming Station.

June 1929

Mexborough and Swinton Times, June 21, 1929

A Transforming Station.

A view of the new transformer station which the Yorkshire Electric Power Company have built at Mexborough, near the Denaby boundary, for the purpose of transforming current for local use.

Power is fed into this station from the Y,E.P.’s principal station at Ferrybridge at a voltage of 66,000, is stepped down through the three transformers seen on the right to a voltage of 11,000, and is then fed to the existing cables already laid through the district from the Company’s station at Barugh, near Barnsley. The purpose of the new transformer is to relieve Barugh of some of its load. From the new station the Mexborough Urban District Council will be supplied, also the Dearne District Light Railway back to Stairfoot, and current will be supplied forward to Conisborough.

The station will ultimately be connected with a similar sub-station at Silverwood Colliery