A Troublesome Lodger.

June 1929

Mexborough and Swinton Times, June 28, 1929

A Troublesome Lodger.

Summoned at the Doncaster Petty Sessions on Tuesday for uttering threats at Denaby, William Clarke, a miner, of Denaby, denied the offence.

John H. Enfield said he applied for the summons on behalf of his wife, to whom defendant had uttered threats. On June 14, defendant came to his house and insulted his wife, calling her filthy names, and threatening to kill her. He used to lodge at the house and left three months ago.

Witness gave him notice too because he was a nuisance by reason of his language.

Defendant denied going to the house on June 14, stating that he was working that day.

The Bench bound over defendant and ordered him to pay 25s. costs.