A Troublesome Smoker on The Line.

August 1899

Sheffield Independent – Monday 28 August 1899

A Troublesome Smoker on The Line.

On Saturday, at Doncaster, George Fox, a Sheffield butcher, was fined £2 including costs for having interfered with the comfort of passengers on the Great Central Railway, at Conisbro’, on July 31st.

The case had been adjourned from the previous week. Defendant did not appear.

William Shaw, professor of music, Sheffield, said on the day named he travelled in a third-class compartment from Wombwell to Conisbro’. At Mexboro’ defendant entered. It was a non-sn.cking compartment. Defendant produced his pipe and started to light it.

When complainant objected defendant made use of abusive language; he was under alcoholic influence.