A Wife Summoned for Threatening her Husband.

August 1888

Sheffield Evening Telegraph – Monday 06 August 1888

A Wife Summoned for Threatening her Husband.

Mary Ann Walton was summoned for having used threats towards her husband, Wm. Waltou, miner, of Denaby.

Mr. Hickmott prosecuted, and opening the case said it did seem strange for husband to take proceedings of that kind against his wife; but there were special circumstances the case which he ventured to think would induce the magistrates to make the order asked for.

In 1884, in consequence of the woman’s conduct an agreement was entered into under which the complainant allowed the defendant a sum of six shillings a week herself and youngest child. They separated, and had since lived apart. Since that time the payments had been regularly made. The allowance had also been increased to 11 shilling a week when she had other children living with her.

On the 17th July she followed him to Mexborough and threatened to either shoot or poison him. Mr. Hickmott went on to state that there was a covenant in the agreement under which proceedings in a higher court could be taken, but the complainant had not the means.

After hearing evidence, the Bench bound the defendant over in £5  to keep the peace for three months.