A Woman Warden.

September 1930

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Friday 05 September 1930

A Woman Warden.

We have to report the passing, at a ripe old age of Mrs. Nicholson, of Rock House, Conisborough, a lady who for years has exerted a gentle, kindly, and benevolent influence in that district.

She has indeed carried on the spirit and tradition in which her husband, Mr. G. T. Nicholson, entered into the social and religious life of the place. She dearly loved the Church of England and served it in her parish in the unusual capacity of churchwarden, which with other duties and responsibilities, she took over from her husband and discharged faithfully and diligently.

Wide as are the incursions of woman into masculine fields to-day, women churchwardens are still sufficiently rare to be noteworthy.

With the death of Mrs. Nicholson the only local example remaining is Mrs. Warde-Aldam, who has held that office at Hooton Pagnell for many years.