Above The Price – Conisbro’ Beer Retailer Smartly Fined.

December 1918

Sheffield Evening Telegraph – Tuesday 31 December 1918

Above The Price.
Conisbro’ Beer Retailer Smartly Fined.

At the Doncaster Went Riding Court, to-day, John C. Marshall, beer retailer, Conisbro’, was charged four summonsea with selling beer above the maximum price, and further with breach of the Defence of the Realm Act by refusing information the Food Officer who demanded the production of the invoice.

Mr. F. Allen, who appeared for the prosecution. said Mr. Fenoughty, of Rotherham, had been instructed for the friends, and had written him asking that the cases might be adjourned for a week.

The Clerk (Mr. Pottifer) he had not been consulted as to adjournment, and the magistrates decided to proceed.

Mr. H. Thirlwell, the inspector under the Food Controller, gave evidence to the effect that, defendant charged 5d. per pint for certain beer, and the proper price was 4d, the beer being below the gravity of 10.30 degrees.

Defendant, refused to let him see his invoices until he had taken legal advice on the matter.

Eliza Long, of Conisbro’, proved that Sept. 14 she paid 10d. to defendant for a quart of beer.

Mr. W. L. Wortley, secretary to the Local Food Control Committee, stated that he accompanied the inspector to the defendant’s shop, and inspected the cellar, and there was no beer marked 5d.

Thomas William stated that he went into defendant’s shop and asked for a pint erf fivepenny beer.

Mr. Yarborough: Why did you for fivepenny ?

Witness: Because we have always had fivepenny beer.

A woman named Ashurst said she paid Is. 2d. per quart for bitter beer and for the other 10d. She always paid sd. per pint for the cheaper beer.

Corroborative evidence was given by Mrs. Dawson, and evidence of analysis also taken.

Defendant did not attend.

The Chairman (Mr. G. B. Shilffner said the Bench considered  this was a very bad case, and defendant would have to pay £5 in each case £25: and £7 13s. costs.

Mr. H. Baker, chairman the District Council, did not adjudicate in this case.