Absenting Themselves from Work without Leave


1875 March 30 th Telegrap

Absenting Themselves from Work without Leave

William Wallis, John Pilkington, Thomas Latham, George Scholes, Benjamin Higgs, John Parker, Thomas Radlin, John Winder, Stephen Sellers, Thomas Doherty, Charles Moorcroft, George Martin and James Hatton were all summoned for unlawfully absenting herself from work from Denaby Main colliery, where they were employed.

Mr Taylor, who appeared for the complainant’s, stated that the men had absentedthemselves from work without the slightest reason.

They ought to have gone to work on the 22nd inst and instead of doing so they did not go to work until Tuesday. When they went to work they did not offer a word of explanation.

Mr Clegg, of Sheffield, who appeared for the defendant, stated that it was the custom for the men at that pit to have a day’s holiday every week.

The men had not neglected their work, but they had done a week’s work and earned a week’s wages.

Some of the defendants had other excuses, besides that of custom, but the bench considered that they had done wrong in staying away without leave, and fined all of them, except Moorcroft, five shillings and costs. Moorcroft was ill and the case against him was dismissed.