Abusive, Violent & Bad Language

February 1912

Mexborough and Swinton Times February 24, 1912

Abusive Language

Lucy Barry, a married woman, of New Conisborough, was summoned for using abusive language within hearing of a public highway, on Feb. 10th.—Fined 5s. and 7/6 costs. or  seven  days.

Samuel Mountford and Annie Coyne were also fined 6s. and 7/6 costs or seven days for similar offences.

Violent Language

Percy Wall (19), miner. Denaby. and William Keywood, miner, Denaby. were charged with using violent language at Conisbrough’ on Feb 10th.

P.c. Watling said defendants were using very bad language and were quarrelling.There were a large number of people about at the time.

Each was fined 6s. and 7/6 costs or seven days

Wm. Turner and Joseph Hawksworth, miners, of Denaby were each fined 5s and costs or seven days, for a similar offence at Conisboro’ on the 11th inst.

P.c. Stainton proved the case.

Bad Language

A quartette of miners were charged with using obscene language and the following penalties were imposed: John Thompson, Thos Sheehan, Albert Wagstaffe and Albert Raynor, all of Denaby, 5s and costs. or seven days is each case.

The last defendant gave a wrong name and address to P.c Richards, who apprehended them.