Accident Mystery – Coroner’s Theory of How Injuries Were Caused.

September 1927

Sheffield Daily Telegraph – Tuesday 20 September 1927

Accident a Mystery.
Coroner’s Theory of How Fatal Injuries Were Caused.

What was described as a mysterious accident which had fatal consequences was investigated by Mr. F. Allen at an inquest at Denaby yesterday on George Hepworth (28) a miner, of Simpson’s Place, Mexborough, who died following fall in Denaby Colliery on Thursday.

Evidence was given by two miners who had been working with Hepworth that they heard a crackling in the strata. At the time deceased was bending down, and a moment later was found lying face upward with his head on the tub-road rails. He was unconscious.

A large stone was found near him which had evidently come from the side. The Coroner said it was unlikely that the stone was the cause of death. He thought that Hepworth may have been startled the noise, stepped backward, and tripped, catching his head on the rails.

A verdict of “Accidental death” was returned, with the rider that there was not sufficient evidence show how the injuries to the head were received.