Accident after Clifton Social

October 1936

Mexborough Swinton Times October 2, 1936

Accident after Clifton Social

an accent on a hill between Clifton and Conisborough on Wednesday, August 5, had a sequel at Doncaster on Saturday, when Ernest Leonard, Labour, Conisborough and Walter Scott, bricklayer, Conisborough were each fined a total of £2 10s for riding a bicycle dangerously and carrying and being carried on the bicycle respectively.

Inspector Wolfe explained that there had been a Social at Clifton and a couple were going home about 10:40 PM when defendants came down the steep hill, both on one cycle and run into them.

May Redfern, domestic servant, Fullerton Ave, Conisborough, said she had been to the social and was walking home with a sailor, who was pushing her cycle. They were on the right-hand side of the road and as they were walking arm in arm they were not taking up much of the road.

Suddenly she heard someone shout “Hey up!” And the next thing she knew she was in a house. She had injuries to her side, shoulder and face.

Both defendants pleaded “guilty,” and Leonard said he was giving Scott a lift. He did not know he was doing wrong