Accident at Conisborough Station

July 1892

Mexborough & Swinton Times, 29th July 1892

Accident at Conisborough Station

A sad accident occurred at Conisborou4h Station on Friday. Two brothers named Woodward had gone to the station to fetch a crate of geese for Mr. W. H. Hawkins, of the Ivy House Farm, Old Denaby, and the younger -Walter–went down the line to the goods station to take a note respecting the geese

He came back as the Sheffield express was approaching. The signalman seeing the danger he ran, shouted to him to keep further away from the rails. The boy is unfortunately deaf, and could not have heard him, and the engine of the express caught his right arm, and hurled him several yards.

The accident was seen from the station and the lad was picked up, placed in the cart he had come in, and driven straightway to the Mexborough Montagu Cottage.

His arm was completely shattered, and it was expected amputation would have to take place. Dr. Twigg is attending to the case. The boy is 14 years old.