Accident at Denaby Main Colliery

October 1889

Sheffield Evening Telegraph – Wednesday 16 October 1889

Accident at Denaby Main Colliery

Yesterday morning dataller named William Adshead, Adshead, living in  Dolcliffe road, Mexborough, and employed at Denaby Main Colliery, was buried by a fall of dirt from the roof.

He and several others were engaged in “ripping” a gate, when a heavy fall of “bind” took place to a slip. Several tons fell.

Adshead was caught by it, knocked down, and covered. His mates, with assistance, immediately set to work to effect his release. After working some time he was partially recovered, Then another fall came and buried him afresh.

After an hours continuous labour the unfortunate man was at last recovered alive, though it is singular that he should have survived his prolonged entombment.

It was found that his thigh was broken, and he was also cut severely about the head and body.

He was first of all attended by members of the Saint John ambulance Association and conveyed home in the colliery ambulance, Doctor Sykes further attended to his injuries, which, although serious, are not expected to be fatal.

Adshead is a prominent local Spiritualist