Accident at Denaby Main Colliery

April 1886

Sheffield Daily Telegraph April 9 1886

Accident at Denaby Main Colliery

Yesterday forenoon a serious accident to the winding engine happened at this colliery. Winding operation were going on as usual, when the crank pin suddenly snapped, and the pressure of the steam forced the piston to the other end of the cylinder, knocking out the end and otherwise damaging the cylinder and sides, thus rendering that part of the engine totally disabled, and lying the pit idle for the rest of that and the following shift.

Fortunately the engineman had sufficient presence of mind to shut off the steam and apply the brake, and thus prevent other injury been done to the machinery, the cage being only a short distance from the pit top when the accident took place.

The engine is what is known as the horizontal class with cylinders over 40 inches in diameter. About 400 men were at work underground at the time, but were withdrawn from the workings by the up cast shaft by the usual time for giving over work.

As far as circumstances will permit coal winding will be resumed today, and the company were experienced no difficulty in supplying orders as usual.