Accident Report – Old Road Accident Spot

October 1965

South Yorkshire Times October 30, 1965

Accident Report

Of 32 road accidents in Conisbrough during the last quarter, eight were in Old Road. Conisbrough Road and Home Safety Committee agreed on Tuesday to “bear in mind” suggestion for road markings to indicate junctions where estate roads join Old Road.

The committee decided not to press for the markings immediately, after the Assistant Engineer and Surveyor to Conisbrough Urban Council, Mr J Barton, had told of a new lighting scheme in the district. Mr Barton said the scheme involved ‘B’ class lighting on their state, which would contrast with ‘A’ class lighting on Old Road and so indicate the junctions. He pointed out that junction markings at the mouth of the road would not be entirely official and would not be binding on the motorist.

The committee heard that none of the search to accidents involved fatal or serious injuries, although there were slight injuries in 10 cases. Seven dogs were involved. The total compared with 27 accidents in the same quarter last year.