Accidents – Knocked down by Bus – Cycling – Wringing Machine

June 1935

Mexborough & Swinton Times June 14, 1935

Girl injured
Mary Griffith (18), daughter of Mrs. Griffiths, 54, Ravenfield Street, Denaby Main, was injured at Menston, near Leeds, on Monday. She was coming home for the holiday, and in crossing the road to catch a bus was knocked down by a vehicle. She was taken to the Leeds infirmary, suffering from a fracture of the leg, shock etc. An operation was necessary and she is making good progress.

Cyclist injured
Paul Holland, second son of Mr. and Mrs. P. Holland, 61, Bolton Street, Denaby Main, was involved in a collision near Nottingham last Saturday. He was on a cycling holiday with a friend when his cycle was caught by one motorcar and knocked into another. His injuries necessitated his removal to Nottingham hospital, where he was detained with head injuries, bruises and shock. He is reported to be slowly improving.

A Denaby child, Margaret Holdsworth (5), Warmsworth Street., Received scalp and leg wounds and Tuesday evening as the result of an accident at home. She was skipping with a rope tied to a Wringing machine, when, through the straining of the rope, the machine overturned and pinned Margaret beneath. She was taken to Fullerton hospital, where stitches were inserted in the injuries, and she was detained for observation for a few days.