Adulterated Milk.

September 1888

Sheffield Daily Telegraph – Tuesday 25 September 1888

Adulterated Milk.

Thomas Bell, milk dealer, of Denaby, was summoned for having sold, to the prejudice of Police sergeant Knight, one and half pints of milk not of the nature, substance, and quality demanded.

Police sergeant Knight deposed that the 2nd instant he, purchased the milk from the defendant at Denaby, tendering 2 ½ d in payment. He divided the milk into three portions one of which he handed to Mr. A. H. Allen the public analyst.

Major Hammond, superintendent of police, produce the analyst’s certificate, which stated that the sample contained 92 parts of milk, and eight parts of added water.

Defendant said that on the morning named he was short of milk, and in order to make up the supply he purchased a quantity from a man named Ibbotson. After selling to the Sergeant he (defendant) applied is own milk tester, and that showed all was right.

A fine of 20 shillings  including costs was imposed.