Adulterated Whiskey

March 1886

Mexborough and Swinton Times March 5, 1886

Adulterated Whiskey

Francis Gardiner, innkeeper, Gonisboro’, was summoned on a charge of selling adulterated whiskey.

Supt. Blake, inspector under the Drugs Act, stated that on the 16th January he visited the Fox Inn, Conisboro’, and purchased a pint of Irish whiskey.

After he got it witness divided the whiskey into three parts and sealed all three up, gave defendant one, and told him that he (witness) was going to send another to the public analyst. It had been analysed and found to be 29 degrees under proof, and the Act stated that it should not be adulterated to not more than 25.

Mrs. Gardiner said they never knew which the proper strength to sell it at was.

Lord Auckland described it as a very unfair proceeding to the customer, and they must have made a handsome profit. – A penalty of 20s. and costs was imposed.