Adulteration at Denaby – Sweet Spirit of Nitre

March 1906

Mexborough and Swinton Times March 13, 1906

Adulteration at Denaby

Walter James Ward, a chemist of Conisborough, was charged with adulterating a certain drug, known as sweet spirit of nitre.

Joseph Wilson Rotherham stated that on 25th of January he was taking samples at Conisborough, and from the defendants branch establishment at Denaby, he purchased the sample of sweet spirit of nitre.

He bought 4 ounces, for which he paid a shilling, and he told the manager of the shop that he had purchased the sample for the purpose of submitted it to the Public Analyst.

The report of the analyst, on being sent in, showed that there were 65% of sweet spirit of nitre.

Mr Baddiley, appearing on behalf of the defendant, said that they were very much regretted the circumstance.

Mr Ward assured him that the article was as it should be, when he left his shop at Conisborough, for the brand shop at new Conisborough.

Fined 40 shillings including costs.