Advert – Zam Buk -Tiring Days for the Feet

July 1942

South Yorkshire Times – Saturday 25 July 1942

Tiring Days for the Feet

Shopping, cooking, cleanings all in a day’s work—but oh, how trying for tired aching feet.

Housewives and all workers who have more than their share of walking and standing to do will find freedom from foot trouble in this easy Zam-Buk treatment. First bathe the feet in warm water and dry thoroughly. Then massage Zam-Buk Ointment for a few minutes into the ankles insteps, soles and in between the toes.

Zam-Buk soon rids the fee of tenderness, soreness, swelling and inflammation. It softens and removes corns and callouses.

So remember Zam-Buk to-night for comfortable feet to-morrow.