After Game At Denaby.

June 1896

Mexborough & Swinton Times, June 5th, 1896..

Before: Mr. C. Wright (chairman), Mr. R. G. Chambers, Mr. J. D. Ellis, and Mr. E. Jackson.

After Game At Denaby.

William Tyas, George Hines, William Beach, and George Hunter were summoned for trespassing in pursuit of game at Denaby on the 17th of May.

Mr. H. H. Hickmott prosecuted on behalf of Earl Fitzwilliam.

The defendants all pleaded not guilty.

Hunter, who was slightly inebriated, informed the Court that he was commonly called Buffalo. Hines, on being asked by the Magistrates’ Clerk (Mr. Parker Rhodes), if he had anything to say to the Bench, replied ‘that it were no good, they took no notice.’

Peter Smith, under-keeper to Earl Fitzwilliam, said he saw defendants in Crook Lane, Hooton Roberts, on the 17th of May, with three snap dogs, which were running about the fields. He told them to keep the dogs at their heels.

One of the defendants threatened him, using very bad language. He watched them, and eventually informed P.C. Midgley and P.C. Gilmour. Returning with the officers he saw the defendants in a barley field belonging to Mr. R. Robertson, they were beating the hedge with sticks, and the dogs were in pursuit of a hare.

P.C. Midgley and P.C. Gilmour corroborated.

Fined 20s. and costs each.