Aged Clergyman’s Loans.

March 1920

Sheffield Daily Telegraph – Friday 12 March 1920

Aged Clergyman’s Loans.

At Sheffield Bankruptcy Court, yesterday, the Rev. James Griffiths, Denaby Main, near Rotherham, applied for his discharge from bankruptcy.

The debtor was 74 years of age, and was never in receipt of more than £2OO a year, out of which he had to contribute to the support, of his wife and daughter.

In 1919 he borrowed £5O from a moneylender and repaid £80. His income then was £180 per year.

In October he borrowed £42 and agreed to pay £80 by monthly instalments. He repaid £38 5s. of this loan in respect of interest and costs. In all the debtor had repaid £115 for the loan of £95, and he still owed £85.

The discharge was granted.