Aggravated Assault

January 1887

Mexborough and Swinton Times January 28, 1887

Aggravated Assault

John Henry Briggs, Glass Blower, Conisborough, was charged with committing an aggravated assault upon his wife at Conisborough on 4 January.

Mr Hall appeared for the complainant, and defendant was represented by Mr G.H.Palmer.

Complainant stated that on the above date her husband came home about 10:15 o’clock at night, and complained about his supper. After some words, he threatened to “Murphy” her. When upstairs he struck her in the face, and used bad language.

Defendant ran downstairs, turned her out of the house almost in a nude state, and locked the door.

Witness then went to her mother’s house.

In cross-examination by Mr Palmer, witness said she had not asked Mrs Sykes to swear that her husband had struck on the head; neither did witness scratch her husband’s face.

Helen Kelly, mother of complainant, said that on the night of the fourth inst, and daughter came to her house. Her mouth was bleeding, and part of the air was pulled off. Complainant had a child with her, which had been hurt by defendant about the body. It was raining at the time, and complainant had only her nightdress on.

William Kelly, son of previous winners, gave corroborative evidence.

For defence Mary Sykes was called to depose that hearing a child crying, she opened the bedroom window, and saw the complainant with a child in her arms.

Lorna Auckland said the Bench were of an opinion that defendant had systematically ill treated his wife, and had no doubt but that the child had been crippled by him. It was outrageous to turn a woman and child out in such weather is on the night in question.

Defendant would be fined 10 shillings for the assault, and have to pay the expenses £1 17s 9d., And a separation granted, and an order would be made for him to pay 10 shillings per week for the maintenance of his wife and child.