Air-Pipe Burst – Four Miners Injured at Denaby Main Deep Pit.

January 1921

Sheffield Daily Telegraph – Tuesday 25 January 1921

Air-Pipe Burst.

Four Miners Injured at Denaby Main Deep Pit.

Towards the close of the day shift in the Denaby Main Deep pit yesterday afternoon, the bursting of an air pipe had rather serious consequences, four miners being injured.

Their names are W. Ironmonger, William Cockles, A. Senior, and William Beckett, who were injured by flying metal and were removed to the Fullerton Hospital.

After receiving treatment, Senior and Beckett were allowed to go home, but it was found that Ironmonger and Cockles had sustained severe and extensive injuries and they were detained.

On inquiry at the hospital last night, our representative was informed that the two men were progressing as favourably as could be expected.