Airman – Sharp R.E. – Conisboro’ Man’s D.F.C. – One of Five Brothers in R.A.F.

July 1941

Mexborough & Swinton Times, July 26, 1941

Conisboro’ Man’s D.F.C.

One of Five Brothers in R.A.F.

A Conisborough airman Acting Wing Commander Robert Edward Sharp of High Street, Conisborough, has been awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross for services with the Bomber Command of the R.A.F. Acting Wing Commander Sharp has been taking part in bombing operations since the beginning of the year and is among the pilots who have been over Berlin and left their mark on the German capital.

He was for a short time a pupil of Mexborough Secondary School, later taking a course of training for the Mercantile Marine on board the training ship “Worcester”.  He served his apprenticeship with the P. and O. Line, and obtained his second Mate’s Certificate, but opportunities for advancement were limited, and in 1934 he joined the Royal Air Force, and before the commencement of the war had obtained a permanent commission.

Acting Wing Commander Sharp is one of five of Mr. and Mrs. Sharp’s seven sons who are serving in the air arm of H. M. Forces.

Two of the others, Flight-Lieutenant John Sharp and Pilot Officer Andrew Sharp, of the Bomber Command and Coastal Command respectively, have recently been reported missing from operations against the enemy.

The others serving are Mr. David Sharp (Royal Canadian Air Force), and Mr. Charles Geoffrey Sharp (R.A.F.), while the eldest son, Mr. Richard L. Sharp, a review of whose book “That Fool Sharp” recently appeared in our columns, is on the staff of the B.B.C., and the remaining son, Mr. Stephen Sharp, holds a civil post.