Alarming Bus Accident

September 1891

Leeds Times – Saturday 05 September 1891

Alarming Bus Accident

An alarming bus accident occurred at Mexborough on Monday night.

It appears that the owner and driver, William Froggatt, of Denaby Main, was driving from that village to Mexborough, and had eight passengers. When near the Infirmary, at Mexborough, one of the shafts became unfastened, the horse took fright, the other shaft was snapped, and the animal swerved the vehicle so violently against the footpath that it was overturned.

Three persons were attended to at the Infirmary. The worst injured was Mrs. Allen, wife of Mr.  Thos. Allan. She received a severe scalp wound, in addition to a shock to the nervous system.

An aged woman named Mrs. Walker, of Firbeck Street, Denaby Main, had a deep wound in her forehead and her arm broken. Miss. M’Crae, a schoolmistress : Mrs. Hannah Baker, and a boy named Thomas Whitehead, were also somewhat injured.