Allegations Against a Wife – Smoking and Drinking

June 1908

Sheffield Daily Telegraph – Tuesday 23 June 1908

Allegations Against a Wife
 Smoking and Drinking

Yesterday a young woman named Annie Mary Ryans, complained to the Doncaster Borough magistrates that her husband, George Ryans, who is a collier at Denaby, had deserted her and her child.

They were married at Christ Church, Doncaster – on July 22nd, 1906, and had been living in Crane Yard, defendant being at that time a collier at Denaby in receipt of £2 per week.

He left her on May 20, and had not communicated with her since or given her any money.

Complainant cross-examined, denied that her husband had found fault with her for drinking and smoking. She had not pawned his clothes, but said defendant had pawned his own trousers to get drink.

The defence was that the wife had left defendant, who is a filler at Denaby on several occasions, once because he complained of her going from the house. He removed from Denaby owing to complainants objection to the place and came to Doncaster.

Mr Andrews admitted desertion on May 20. Defendant accused her of drinking and smoking, and called evidence to prove his charges.

The magistrates suggested an amicable arrangement, but defendant declined of his wife back, and a separation order was made, with an allowance of 10 shillings a week for maintenance of the wife and child.