Alleged Assault and Threats at Conisborough

July 1892

Mexborough & Swinton Times, 7th July 1892

Alleged Assault and Threats at Conisborough

Mary Ann Machin, single woman was charged with having used threats to Elizabeth Oldfield married woman, Conisborough. It was alleged that the defendant went to the house and stated she would pull the complainant’s ” ——- heart out ” and the complainant said she was so much afraid that she did not go out of the house for three days afterwards.

Matilda Philipps gave evidence as to hearing threats, but the defendants and Elizabeth May denied that any threats were used. The case was dismissed.

Ellen Creaser, married, was charged with having assaulted Elizabeth Parker, and a cross summons charged Parker with having assaulted Creaser. It was said that Parker was sitting in her kitchen when Mrs. Creaser came in and asked what she had been saying about her son. The reply was that she had said nothing. The woman repeated that she had said nothing and struck her twice over the head and once in the mouth. It was also alleged that Mrs. Parker used bad language and kicked Mrs. Creaser, but this was not substantiated.

The case against Parker was dismissed and Creaser was bound over in the suns of 25, to keep the peace.