Alleged Assault at Conisborough

May 1892

Mexborough and Swinton Times May 20, 1892

Alleged Assault at Conisborough

Rose Smith, married was charged with having assaulted Emma Evans, married, Conisborough.

Mr. Baddiley appeared for the complainant, who lived, he said, in Firbeck-street, Denaby.

Between 11 and 12 on the Tuesday previous, Mrs. Evans went out to a butchers cart for some meat and as she was returning with a dish in both bands, the defendant was waiting for her. The defendant seized hold of her and without provocation, made use of bad language and committed the assault complained of. The complainant went straight to the police and took out a summons.

The complaint, who said she was the wife of William Evans, bore out what her lawyer stated, adding that the defendant smacked her in the face, shoved her up a passage, pulled her hair down and thumped her in the side. She also not the meat off the plate. Witness never struck or touched the defendant. They had had some words the day before and the defendant said she would wait for her ; that there were more days than one.

James Gledhill gave corroborative evidence

Annie Gibson said the complainant stared that she wound not strike the defendant, but that she would make her pay for it.

The defendant said she merely went to the complainant and asked what she had to say about what had previously occurred between them, and the complainant then raised the plate and struck her in the month with it. There was a scuffle between them afterwards.

Alfred Snipe, for the defence, said that was so. There were several blows given on each side, after the complainant had pushed the plate in the face of the defendant.

The Chairman : Are you any relation of the partIcs?— Witness: No.

Patrick Higgins, Mary and Elizabeth Snipe and Isabella Higgins were all called for evidence.

The Chairman said the evidence was so conflicting that the case would be dismissed.