Alleged Assault At Conisborough.

July 1896

Mexborough & Swinton Times July 17th 1896

Alleged Assault At Conisborough

Thomas Grainger, filler, Conisborough, was charged with assaulting Jane Law, at Conisborough on July 4th.

The complainant stated she was in her house when the defendant came to the door, and said she was to send her husband out so that he could fight him. Her mother locked the door, but the defendant went round to the back and caught her, in the yard. He took hold of her by the hair, and hit her with his fist. She had no chance to protect herself.

Mrs. Baggaley, who had gone to see an invalid next door to where the complainant lived, corroborated. She saw the defendant seize the complainant by the neck.

Jane Law had a poker in her hand, and then the defendant’s wife came out and she and the complainant had a ‘dust’.

The Chairman: What did Grainger do to her?

Witness: He banged her head on the floor.

Other witnesses were called, and P.C. Evans said the complainant had made a complaint of an assault to him.

The defendant said the bump on complainant’ head was caused by her own husband who threw a lump of coal at her. –

A witness called by the defendant said the defendant did not hit the complainant, but he saw the complainant try to strike the defendant with a poker.

The bench dismissed the summons saying there was no doubt there had been a fight between the two women, but there was a doubt about the charge against the defendant.