Alleged Assault at Denaby

August 1900

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Friday 03 August 1900

Alleged Assault at Denaby

William Rollings, miner, Denaby was summoned by Samuel Elkin, for an assault alleged to have been committed at Denaby on July 23.

The complainant stated that Rollings came to him, and said he wanted to speak to him. When he went up to Rollings, the latter struck him on the mouth and he fell back, injuring his head on the kerbstone. He had not given Rollings any provocation.

The defendant stated that Elkin came up to him and said, “Now, Bill, I’ve beat one of your men, and I can beat you.” Elkin was drunk at the time and he fell down. He helped Elkin to get up in a sitting position, when he saw blood flowing from his head and advised him to stay when he was until some of his friends could be sent to him. He did not strike Elkin, as he have no provocation to do so.

The case was dismissed.