Alleged ” Marrying ” at Conisborough

January 1901

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Friday 22 February 1901

Alleged ” Marrying ” at Conisborough

Frank Noble and Albert Frost, miners, Conisborough, were summoned for gaming with coins at a game called ” marrying.’ , at Conisborough, on the 9th inst.

The defendants pleaded not guilty.

Police-sergeant Brown stated that on Saturday, the 9th inst.. at 5.55 p.m., he in Station road, Conisborough, where he saw the defendants standing on the footpath underneath a lighted gaslamp. Noble was leaning with his back against a wall, and Frost was standing in front of him. Several people were passing at the time, and the witness walked behind some of them so that he got close to the defendants. Noble had his hand out and said “I am going to have a bob on it this time.” A coin was shown, and Frost handed a shilling to Noble, saying “Tha’s won this time; let’s have another go. The witness went up to the defendants and spell to them about gambling. Noble said “I think you are mistaken, sergeant.” The witness replied. “I am not mistaken. I saw two shillings and I heard what Frost said to you.” Noble then said, ‘Well. I may tell you the truth, we have been gambling.” Shortly afterwards Frost, who had bought away when the witness first went up, came past, and the witness then told them they would both be reported for gambling. Frost did not say thing. There was no crowd around.

Frost went into the witness box and said that previous to the date named in the summons be had borrowed a Mulling from Noble. Aral at the time the sergeant saw them he was paying him back. He gave Noble a two-shilling piece and Noble gave him a shilling change. They were not gambling.

Noble also was sworn and he gave similar evidence. He denied that in conversation with the sergeant he admitted that they had been gambling.

The Chairman said the defendants would be given the benefit of the doubt in the case, and the summonses would be dismissed.