Alleged Persistent Cruelty – A Denaby Case Adjourned

July 1911

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Saturday 29 July 1911

Alleged Persistent Cruelty

A Denaby Case Adjourned

Cecil Lindley, pit corporal, Denaby, was summoned by his wife Beatrice Lindley, for alleged personal persistent cruelty.

The complainant said that she was married at Denaby Main Church three years ago, and alleged that her husband began to ill-treat her shortly afterwards. In the first place they lived with the complainant’s mother, but later rented a home and lived on Doncaster Road. She left him on the previous Sunday because she alleged he “thrashed” her on that day, and on the Friday.

A mark upon the complainant’s ear, she alleged, was caused by her husband striking her, and she further alleged that he struck when he was sober. She was now living with her mother, but stated that she would go back to live with her husband if you promise never to ill-treat her.

The Chairman (to defending): if your wife goes back to you, will you treat her properly?

Defendant: I have not ill used yet. I will treat her as I have done before.

The case was adjourned for one month.