Alleged Strange Conduct of an Ex-Police Inspector.

September 1888

York Herald – Saturday 08 September 1888

Alleged Strange Conduct of an Ex-Police Inspector.

At Pontefract, on Saturday, Henry Baker, a brewer’s traveller, of Conisbro’, and ex- police inspector at Rotherham, was charged with entering a train whilst in motion at Moorthorpe on the 26th July.

Mr. Whitlock, solicitor, Birmingham, prosecuted for the railway company.

It was stated that defendant was a passenger by the 6.25 p.m. train from York to Sheffield on the evening of the 26th July. On the train stopping at Moorthorpe Station, defendant alighted, and proceeded to a police officer on the platform, whom he had known when at Rotherham. A lady in the same compartment asked the guard of the train to remove her luggage into another compartment. On the train being signalled to start defendant made for the compartment in which the lady had entered, but opened another carriage door, against which a little boy was stood, and the child fell out, but was caught by defendant.

In defence Mr. Baker said he was very sorry that anything should have been imported into the case relative to the lady in question, or he would have been prepared to answer so serious an imputation.

He did enter the train, as stated, and made redress to the mother of the child. The Bench fined defendant 40s. and costs.