Alleged Theft At Conisiboro’.

February 1902

Mexborough and Swinton Times February 7, 1902

Alleged Theft At Conisiboro’.

Emma Blunt, 14 years of age, of Conisboro’, was charged on remand from the previous day, on Wednesday, at Doncaster, West Riding Court, with having stolen jewellery, the property of Lucilla Ann Allport.

Lucilla Ann Allport said that she was the wife of Carlton Henry Allport, post master, Church street. Conisborough. Some time last November she saw the gold engagement ring produced in her bedroom and it was then in a complete state, and undamaged. On the 7th Jan. she had a gold dress and brooch in her bedroom She missed the articles on the 24th of the month and gave information to the police. On the 8th January, the prisoner,  Emma Blunt, went as day girl to assist her in the house work, and went daily until the 13th ult. During that time the prisoner had access to witness’s bed room. The value of the two rings and brooch was £1 2s. 6d.

Polly Wood deposed that she lived with her father, George Wood, at Wellgate, Conisboro’. On the evening of Saturday, January 11, she saw the prisoner in Church Street, Conisboro. She showed her the engagement ring produced, and said her sister had given it to her for a birthday present. She gave witness the ring, which the latter handed over to P.c. Duffin on the 3rd inst.

P.c. Duffin stated that be received the broken engagement ring fromthe last witness on the 3rd inst. and at 9 p.m. on the same day he apprehended the prisoner and charged her with having stolen the ring produced and another gold ring and a gold brooch from the dwelling house of Carlton Henry Allport. She replied “I found the rings on the bedroom floor whilst sweeping the carpet and put them in my pocket, and gave one to Polly Wood. I know nothing about the brooch.”

The prisoner was dealt with under the First Offenders Act to come up for judgement when called upon.