Alleged Unlawful Wounding of a Gamekeeper

June 1898

Sheffield Daily Telegraph – Monday 27 June 1898

Alleged Unlawful Wounding of a Gamekeeper.

At Doncaster, Saturday, Patrick McDonald and James Casey, two colliers from New Conisborough, were charged with unlawfully wounding John Peel, gamekeeper, Conisborough, on the 19th June.

Mr. Hickmott said he had been asked to prosecute by Mr. Moss, Rotherham, who had the shooting. The facts were that the two defendants, with another man, went the land with dogs, which they were asked by the keeper to leave. They at once attacked him, and consequence of his injuries he would not be able to attend.

Evidence was given that Peel was suffering from seven cuts on the head, five which had to be stitched. It was not likely that he would be able to appear before next Saturday.

Mr. Baddiley, for the defendants, said he did not object to a remand. The question was one of bail. The men did not run away.

The Bench agreed accept two sureties of £25 each for each defendant. The defendants’ case is the gamekeeper was the aggressor, and all they did was in self-defence.