Alleged Use of Threats at Conisborough

May 1906

Mexborough and Swinton Times July 21, 1906

Alleged Use of Threats at Conisborough

Harry Kelsall, miner, on New Conisborough, was summoned at the instance of Albert Collier, for using threats towards him on ninth of July.

Complainant said that on Friday, July 6, defendant went up to him and asked him what he had been saying to the manager about him (defendant).

Witness replied he had reported defendant for neglecting his work. Later in the day defendant, with some others, went to the complainant’s house and try to burst the door open. They then invited witness to come out.

Witness, however would not go out, and defendant shouted through the keyhole. “You will be going to the – – – pit next week” to which witness had replied in the alternative. Defendant added , “I will wait for you and either going or coming back I will – – – well kill you.” They were then shifted out of the street by the police.

Michael Claney, Charles Collier, and Henry Collier gave evidence for the complainant, who admitted biting defendant on the neck after having received a bite from the defendant.

William and Arthur Kelsall were called for the defence, and owing to conflicting evidence the case was dismissed.