Amalgamation – The Conisborough Meeting.

December 1921

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Saturday 17 December 1921


The Conisborough Meeting.

A deputation which was sent,
Upon an errand, by consent,
Of councillors, eight, nine and ten,
To talk Amalgamation, then,
By train the trio all complete,
Into the schools. and took a seat,
And so began the great debate:
Will Conisborough amalgamate?

Conisborough’s Chairman bid good cheer,
And said the trio need not fear,
To  hear their views they now assemble.
And not one had good cause to tremble.
The trio now do make a start,
And well and true they play their part,
Explaining that to lower the rate,
Conisborough must amalgamate.

That Mexborough is a place of note,
Where every person wants to vote
For the election of a Borough—
Mexborough, Swinton, Conisborough;
This in, the trio gravely state,
The only way to lower the rate;
We can, we must amalgamate,
Now, Conisborough, don’t close the gate.

Conisborough thanks the deputation,
It is a credit to the nation,
To hear their views has been a pleasure,
They will discuss them in their leisure.
The Chairman hits the trio good-night,
And says it would cause great delight
If at some not far distant date,
The three towns did amalgamate.

12/12/21. Wm. Young, Conisboro’.