Amateur Dramatic Performance – “Ali Ba Ba,” or The 40 Black Sheep

April 1907

Mexborough and Swinton Times April 20 1907

Amateur Dramatic Performance in Denaby
“Ali Ba Ba,” or The 40 Black Sheep
Sunday School Teachers and Scholars Effort

There was a packed house at the Large Hall on Tuesday evening to hear a performance given by the Sunday School teachers and scholars of the Parish Church, the movement was originated by  the Vicar Rev J Brooks, for the reduction of the debt in the church building. The vicar and a host of willing helpers had spared neither time nor patience in making the event a success.

The performance given was “Ali Ba Ba,” a comic opera, in three acts, by Messes Edmonds and West.

The chief characters were portrayed by the following ladies and gentlemen:

“Ali Ba Ba,” Mr B Hatfield

“Mordiana” (his slave) Mr Harry Rose

“Abdullah,” (Captain of the 40) Mr T Hewitson

“Hassaine” (his Lieutenant) Mr GL Robinson

“Abraham” and “Mustapha” (members of the 40) Mr H Milner and Mr E Robinson

“Mrs Casim (principle of Casim College), Miss Frances Betty;

“Fatima”, Julie” and “Polly” (young ladies attending Casim College) Miss May Horsefall, Miss Priscilla Wall, and Miss Lillian White; Chorus of thieves and schoolgirls

The singing of the various characters at first was inclined to be a little flat, but perhaps this was due to a little nervousness or stage fright and before the first act was finished this fault was not noticeable, and to the end there was perfect harmony.

Mr Harry Rose created roars of laughter with his capital presentation of Mordiana, this being one of the titbits of the evening.

Miss Frances Batty in the role of Mrs Casim was a single success. Her fine contralto voice was heard to great advantage in the songs allotted to her.

Mr T Hewitson is a bass singer of good repute, and he sang splendidly, indeed everyone of the principal characters were up to the mark, the result of the very careful training Mr T Taylor, the choirmaster.

The dresses were of good design and very attractive, and as every member had to prepare their own, congratulations are due in this respect.

The opera is to be repeated next Tuesday. We cannot omit to congratulate the members of the orchestra, who, under the leadership of Mr Taylor, rendered very great assistance in the accompaniments of the various items