Ambitious Conisboro’ – Another Struggle to Secure Urban Powers.

December 1920

Sheffield Independent – Thursday 09 December 1920

Ambitious Conisboro’.

Another Struggle to Secure Urban Powers.

Conisboro’s long fight for urban powers was carried a stage further yesterday, when Mr. R. H. Hooper, representative the Ministry Health, opened the hearing of the appeal of the Doncaster Rural Council, Denaby Parish Council, and the Parish meeting against the order of the County Council constituting-Conisboro and parts of the parishes Denaby and Cadeby an urban area.

Two previous applications—the first in 1898 and the second in 1900 –made by the Conisborough Parish Council were sanctioned by the County Council, but rejected by the Local Government Board on appeal. A third attempt was made in 1913, but abandoned owing to the war, and the inquiry which was the subject the present appeal was held last year.

Big Legal Representation.

Mr. F. C. Mortimer, K.C. and Mr. John Neal (.Sheffield) appeared for Conisboro’ Parish Council, and Mr. Baker represented certain trades Unions and the local Labour Party.

For the interests opposed the confirmation of the Order, there appeared Mr. G. J. Talbot, K. C., and Mr. J. Willoughby Jardine (for Denaby Parish Council and the Cadeby Parish meeting); Mr. H. M. Marshall (Doncaster Rural Council); Mr. A. Willey (Denaby Main Co-operative Society), Mr. Meredith Hardy (South Yorkshire Junction Railway), W. Carlile (Conisboro’ property owners) Mr, Barrs-Davies (Great Central Railway), and Mr H. Vibart for the West Riding County Council.

Mr Talbot, for the appellants, submitted that the proposed alteration would disturb an efficient, system of government, and give in exchange “nothing worth having.”

“Community of Interest.”

Mr. W. H. Chambers, managing director of the Denaby and Cadeby Collieries Ltd., said that he favoured the  constitution of a larger area, and thought the best idea would be to form a municipal borough of Mexbro’, Swinton, Conisbro’, Denaby Main, and Barnburgh. There was great community interest among these places. The setting up of a small urban area would have an adverse effect.

The Inspector. What progress has been with the larger amalgamation scheme ?

Mr. Chambers: Mexbro’ and .Swinton are still considering it.

The Inspector: It seems to me as visionary as the Milky Way. (Laughter.)

Mr Mortimer described the conditions of portions of Denaby as “a disgrace to civilisation.”

The inquiry was closed.