An Expensive Fight at Denaby

May 1892

Mexborough and Swinton Times May 20, 1892

An Expensive Fight at Denaby

James Dalton, of Denaby, was charged with having made an affray on the 23rd April.

A fortnight ago a summons was issued against the defendant, but before, it could be heard he absconded. On the previous (Sunday) morning defendant surrendered to the police.

Police constable Midgley deposed that on the 23rd April, at 4.30 o’clock in the afternoon, he was on duty with police constable Pickering at Denaby. A fight was going on in a field near the Powder Works. On going to the place they found Dalton and another man had been fighting. There was a large crowd

The Chairman observed that the defendant had beer bound over to keep the peace.

Defendant said his opponents knew he was bound over, but having ill feeling towards him they had aggravated him.

The Chairman told the defendant to stand down for a short time, in order that the magistrates might consider as to the estreating of the recognissances.

At a later stage Mr Jubb stated that two months ago the defendant was bound over in £5 to keep the peace. That recognisance would be estreated, the alternative punishment been a months imprisonment with hard labour.

Defendant elected to go to gaol.