An Uncorrigible Offender at Denaby Pit

March 1886

Mexborough and Swinton Times March 4, 1887

An Uncorrigible Offender at Denaby Pit

George Gee, the lad who has been up at this court so many times for colliery offences – he having been four times previously convicted, and twice for cruelty to ponies, and one for taking a pipe into the pit – was again charged with a breach of special rule 42, by riding on an underground road at Denaby pit, on February 8.

He pleaded guilty.

After formal evidence had been given Mr Hickmott remarked upon the frequent offences committed by the defendant, and the Chairman said it seemed to the magistrates that it would be safer not to allow the boy to work at any longer in the pit.

The father suggested that the magistrates should give the lad a flogging.

The Chairman having called Mr Chambers, (the manager of the colliery) attention to the lad, that gentleman intimated that it was his intention to discharge the defendant as he had already forgiven him on several occasions out of consideration for the stepfather, who was an industrious man.

The Chairman said under the circumstances, the magistrates had decided only to inflict a penalty of 6d, and the cost, and warned the defendant