An Unhappy Denaby Union

February 1928

Mexborough and Swinton Times, February 24, 1928

An Unhappy Denaby Union

Aloysius Carmody, a Denaby miner, was charged at Doncaster on Tuesday by Margaret Lucas with assault. The couple have been living together as man and wife, and in the same court an application by the woman for separation and maintenance had been dismissed on the ground that their alleged marriage was not, in the view of the Bench, valid.

The woman now prosecuted for assault, and also applied for an order in respect of three children.

The Bench made an order against Carmody for 5s. a week in respect of each child.

With regard to the assault, Margaret Lucas said that on Jan. 2nd she and Carmody returned home. She asked him about an artist who had visited’ a club, of which Carmody was then president. Carmody said he would give her a New Year gift. He kicked her round the house and cut her head. She received attention at the Fullerton Hospital for a week. In answer to Mr. Furniss, she said she had climbed out of the bedroom window because Carmody threatened her with a razor.

Mr. Furniss said the summons for assault, was issued vindictively because the woman had lost the other case.

The case was dismissed.