An Unruly Denaby Collier

February 1902

Sheffield Daily Telegraph – Monday 17 February 1902

An Unruly Denaby Collier

On Saturday at the Doncaster court, Michael Quinn, a new Conisbro collier, was summoned for being disorderly and refusing to quit licensed premises of the Denaby Main Hotel, on February 10. The same defendant was also charged with being drunk and disorderly, and with assaulting John Henry Mason.

Mr WM Gichard prosecuted, and stated that at 6:30 a.m. on the date mentioned the defendant visited the Denaby Main Hotel, accompanied by some of the men, and remained drinking there until 8:30 a.m. He then became quarrelsome and the waiter refused to serve him with more drink. He left the house, and subsequently returned, and on again being refused drink he struck Mason on the face and body.

The defendant was afterwards seen in the street by the police, and summons on the other charge.

He pleaded guilty to all the charges, and was fined £2 inclusive of costs.