An Unsupported Charge from New Conisborough

May 1905

Mexborough and Swinton Times May 13, 1905

An Unsupported Charge from New Conisborough

A woman rejoicing in the high sounding cognomen of Susanna Murray McIntyre, of New Conisborough, was summoned by a little girl named Lena Smith, for assaulting her at Conisborough on 1 May.

The defendant appeared, and pleaded not guilty.

Little girl Smith, who was 11 years of age, stated that defendant accused of having thrown another girls heart into a shop. The defendant ran after her, bumped her head, and struck her.

The complainant’s father said he had brought no witnesses, but he could quickly obtain some. The defendant denied the evidence of the complainant, and stated that the defendant threw a little girl’s hat into the shop, and when she reproved her for it she used some bad language.

Ethel Wilkinson gave corroborative evidence and the Bench dismissed the case