An Untruthful Parent at Denaby.

February 1891

Sheffield Evening Telegraph – Monday 16 February 1891

An Untruthful Parent at Denaby.

At the West Riding Police Court today, before Mr. H. Jubb and Mr. J. Kekwick, John Moffatt of No. 30, Anerley buildings, Denaby, was summoned for falsely representing that his son was proper age, according to law, to work, and thus securing him employment Denaby Main Colliery.

Mr. H. Hickmott appeared for the prosecution, which was by the colliery company. He explained the law the subject, by which a lad under 13 years of age should not work until had passed the 5th standard. Last year the defendant came to Mr. Schofield, one of the officials, and asked if there was a vacancy for his lad, who would be 13 years age in three weeks. He was referred to another official, and signed a certificate in August the effect that the lad was 13 years and five months old.

The certificate birth (produced) however showed that the lad was born June, 1878 and was therefore under 13. He had also not passed the requisite standard, and the father had since been summoned for not tending him to school.

Defendant pleaded guilty, and was fined 20s, including costs, or a month’s Imprisonment.