Anniversary Queen – A Coronation at Denaby

February 1951

South Yorkshire Times February 3, 1951

Anniversary Queen

A Coronation at Denaby

There was a good attendance at Tom Hill Youth Centre on Saturday to witness the ceremony of the crowning of the second Anniversary Queen.

A “throne” had been arranged on the stage and a carpet placed the length of the room and a stately procession was conducted down the room. Miss Vera Chadfield, (retiring Queen) led the procession with dignity, followed by two choir boys from the Parish Church in their robes, one carrying the crown upon a velvet cushion and the other carrying the sceptre. Bearing herself with equal dignity and looking exceedingly well in her robes came the new Queen (Vera Frost) followed by her two attendants Peggy Gibson and Margaret Unwin. They were all dressed in good taste and made a charming picture. The retiring Queen made a neat little speech in which she expressed her thanks to the members for the support they had given to her during her year of office and asking them to support Queen Vera the Second with as much enthusiasm.

As she crowned Vera she extended very good wishes for a happy year of service to youth. Queen Vera, in a happy little speech, said she hoped she would fill the position and carry out the duties as well as their previous queen. She thanked them for the honour which had been done to her and expressed the hope that they would have a happy and successful year at the Centre and all work well together for the good of the club especially for the younger members (Junior section).

The, Junior Choir sang “The Lord’s my Shepherd” and after the ceremony committee and club members, served tea for the members, the parents of those taking part in the ceremony and the guests which included members of the selection committee, Mr Hopwood the County Youth Leader and the vicar (Reverend AV Roebuck). During the ceremony a telegram of good wishes to the new Queen Anne club will see from Mr and Mrs Simcock, who recently left to take another post in the Isle of Wight.

Mr R.Miller (Youth Club chairman) presided and after tea Tom Hill addressed the members and, on behalf of the club, thanked Mr. and Mrs. Miller. Mr. C. Taylor and all the many friends who had helped

He paid tribute to the work of Queen Vera Chadfield during her term of office. He warned them that many people still looked upon Denaby as a black spot, and only that week they had heard this name when they attended at Wakefield for the appointment of a new leader. The chairman there had said to the applicants that it was a black spot, but he was pleased to say that Mr. Miller had objected to the statement. Then the next chairman had said it was a rough diamond but he would remind them that a diamond could shine and it was for them to do their best to, show to the people outside the club and village they could shine and make good and thus help to remove a stain. They were all  proud of their Centre, and he was very proud because it bore his name.

Mr. J. Proctor (Chairman of Conisbrough and Denaby Youth Council) also extended good wishes to Queen Vera and appealed to the members to be loyal to their club and support all that was done for their benefit and also to support their new leader.

The Rev. A.V. Roebuck paid tribute to the work of Mr Tom Hill on behalf of the youth of the district in the early days of the formation of the club and he asked them to support their officials and their new Queen in all activities of the club and to try and show those around them that Denaby was one the finest villages in Yorkshire.