Another Burning Fatality at Denaby – Extraordinary Circumstances.

January 1909

Mexborough and Swinton Times January 2, 1909

Another Burning Fatality at Denaby.

Extraordinary Circumstances.

Since the time of writing the report which appears on page 11 of the three burning cases admitted to the Fullerton Hospital, another fatality has occurred.

The victim is little Emily Meredith, whose sad case is mentioned in the other report. She was admitted to the Hospital on December 21st, and was found to be suffering from severe burns.

She was only 11 months old, but if she had been an older child it would have been practically impossible’ for her to recover from the terrible injuries she had received, for her body was burned nearly all over. She died in the hospital at about four o’clock on Thursday afternoon.

The extraordinary circumstances surrounding the case give it an additional note of sadness. From enquiries made there is reason to believe that the little girl’s death is the outcome of a piece of sheer wantonness on the part of another child. It is stated that the little girl, whose home was at 4, Doncaster road, had been left in her perambulator inside the house, when a boy threw a piece of lighted paper into the carriage. The little mite’s clothing was soon ablaze and she received burns which, unhappily, proved fatal.

An inquest will be held to-day (Friday).