Another Fence Damager Fined

December 1901

Mexborough and Swinton Times, December 20.

Another Fence Damager Fined.

Henry Gibson, a brick burner, of Conisborough, was summoned by Mr Bosdin James Clarkson for damaging a fence at Conisborough, on 6 December.

Mr Baddeley appeared for complainant, and stated that the complainant estimated the damage done at 1/- (5p). In consequence of the large amount of damage done to fences at Conisborough, Police Constable Duffin and Mr Norwood were watching on 6 December. It was becoming a very serious thing. They brought men there nearly every Saturday, but it seemed to have no effect on them at all.

PC Duffin deposed that at 4.30 on Friday afternoon, 6 December he was in company with Mr John Norwood, farmer, of Church Street, Conisborough, in one of his fields at Northcliffe Conisborough, where they saw the defendant going across Mr Norwood fields where there was no footpath.

When he got near to them he went through one Mr Clarkson’s fences, breaking it down. They managed to seize hold of him, and told him that he would be reported.

The fences in that neighbourhood were in a very bad state, a great amount of damage being done by trespassers.

The bench fined defendant 2/6, the damage 1/-and 10/-costs, or 13/6 (67.5p) in all.