“Another Injustice to Ireland.”

May 1909

Sheffield Daily Telegraph – Thursday 27 May 1909

 “Another Injustice to Ireland.”

An Irish woman named Coyne, who lives at Denaby, applied for grant of £10 out of compensation money awarded the death of her husband, who was killed in an accident, she had previously drawn £75.

The Judge asked what she wanted the money for, and she replied that she wanted to get to her own country.

The Judge: live?

Applicant: No, to pay a visit.

The Judge: Won’t £5 do? You can got a tourist ticket.

Applicant: One ought to be able to do you like with one’s own money.

The Judge: That is where you make mistake. It is not your own money. If it was it would save me great deal trouble.

In allowing the woman £5, the Judge said he supposed it would be another injustice to Ireland