Another Pit Accident

December 1898

Mexborough and Swinton Times December 9, 1998

Another Pit Accident

Coming down Conisbrough the other day, I met my young friend, Albert Rose, son of Mr V Rose, enginewright at the Cadeby Colliery, with one arm in a sling.

On enquiring the cause of this I was informed that he had happened and accident at Cadeby Colliery.

It appears that he was working in the pit at one of the “crabs,”, which is used for the underground haulage, and whilst putting the rope right on the drum, his hand was accidentally caught between the rope and the drum and very severely crushed.

No bones were broken, but from what I hear he may think himself fortunate that the accident was not a great deal worse.

The patient is under Doctor Craik’s skilful treatment, and is progressing very favourably. I trust that the report is not true that we are about to lose Mr Rose senior. The Wesleyans will miss him very much if correct.